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Karin Mackel, Lower Back Pain Testimonial

I attended the clinic due to pain in my lower back that I had had for over a year. It was my last resource, as I had tried a lot of things before but it was definitely the best thing for me. I felt listened to and taken seriously and I’m now more or less pain free. I can now do all the things I like again, like dancing and walking. That’s just great!

Karin Mackel

Having an ‘injury’ was a new experience for me and although I am aware of many people who could of helped me I did my research anyway! The website was excellent and offered the free consultation, – which turned out to be the best thing I ever did. The service from the first phone call was friendly, professional & extremely informative so I booked to see Steffen as I was told he specialised in my area. I have a couple of events coming up and I needed to get sorted! I arrived at my first appointment convinced I was going to be told I needed a hip and knee replacement and could never walk or run again, I was feeling very emotional about it but I was immediately calmed and assured by Steffen that he could sort it! It was possible! The high level of professional knowledge, care and advice I received was overwhelming to say the least! I felt assured, hopeful and motivated to do as I was told – it has worked! I am up and running, literally – better than ever before and with confidence. I have recommended many since and will continue to do so! Thank you Dynamic Health! .

Diane Zathariau, Jersey

Fabio Vescovi, Testimonial for Chiropractic Treatment in Channel Islands

Before treatment I had back pain and stiffness. Now I am less stiff and even sleep better. I would certainly recommend treatment to my colleagues as we all sit 7-9 hours a day at the computer.

Fabio Vescovi

After suffering for 8 years in constant pain after a fall and trying all sorts of medications scans etc (nothing showing) to deal with it nothing helped! I Decided to do some research on chiropractors. I came across Dynamic health! OMG! best thing I have ever done. I would say after several visits, I have gone from 100% in pain to about 25 %. I have to deal with other very painful conditions that I have but since the fall this added pain was unbearable for me to cope with. Am so grateful for the treatment, care and understanding from Steffen the difference he has made already in my life is amazing. I would say to people that have tried all above as I did and nothing has helped, what are you waiting for? Call now!

Karen Tostevin, Jersey

Matt Jaggard, Testimonial for Chiropractic Treatment in Channel Islands

I first visited Steffen after my back gave way, causing me to collapse whilst batting in a cricket match. His course of treatment and corrective exercise programme helped restore full function and actually allowed me to exceed the range of movement I had prior to injury. I have since recommended a number of people to Steffen who have all had a similar experience. Steffens understanding of the body and injury was very reassuring and gave me full confidence that he knew what was best for me.

Matt Jaggard

David Turnidge, Jersey Patient for Chiropractic Treatment

I suffered chronic lower back pain making it difficult for me to play golf. Past experience with previous chiropractors and physios had left me fairly cynical about their ability to solve my problem. So my expectations were low. 

But thanks to the treatment and the exercises I was given the condition of my back has improved significantly and is gradually getting stronger. I can now play golf regularly and increasingly without post round stiffness and pain.

For me the best part of the treatment has been the holistic approach, beyond the manipulation Steffen has provided very specific exercises and supplemented his treatments with advice on sports massage and diet. I would absolutely recommend treatment. It is very apparent that Steffen cares about what he does and I will forever be grateful for his help in getting me back on the golf course.

David Turnidge

From the welcoming, helpful introduction by the secretary to the reassuring, professional expertise of Steffen, my visits have been speedily attended to. Steffen’s calm manner instils confidence. He explains exactly what is happening and the combination of manipulation, dry needling and exercise gave almost immediate results for which I am very grateful.

Alan S, Jersey


I first saw Steffen due to lower back pain. My only hesitation before attending was whether my problem was possible to fix as I’d suffered for a long time. However after treatment most of the time I’m completely free of pain.

My favourite aspects of treatment was the continuity and his approach. Steffen always knew where we were up to with the treatment and kept moving forwards. Whilst he initially focuses on relieving the pain, he has given me strategies and an understanding to keep it at bay all the time.

I feel the treatment has been very successful and I would recommend it to anyone. Steffen is a very professional person and somebody who you immediately feel comfortable with which helps to make the treatment so effective. His knowledge and expertise are impressive and I worry about finding someone who understands my problems as comprehensively.

Lianne Barnard


I was recommended to see Katie by my daughter I as had pain in my knee which affected my mobility. After several sessions the pain in my knee had gone completely & I was able to walk down a steep step without holding on to somebody, which I had struggled with before treatment. I now only need to see Katie a couple of times a year by way of an MOT.

I particularly liked Katie’s approach and how she listened to me and tailored the treatment accordingly. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending chiropractic treatment particularly with Katie. Katie is an extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable chiropractor, I just wish I’d met her years ago! My daughters and grandchildren have all been treated and all continue with routine chiropractic treatment as they find regular check-ups keep them mobile.

Chris Watts

Harry Edwards

I came in with lower back & neck pain. After treatment the neck is much much better and there is also definite improvement in lower back. Very professional & personable. Would recommend highly.

Harry Edwards

Liz Blunt

I first came in due to due pain in the lower back. I initially found huge improvement in the pain. I now visit less frequently, but treatment always helps with the stiffness in my back and neck. Steffen is very patient, kind, highly professional and capable at his job. I would certainly recommend. My son James has also been treated (13 years old) and finds the treatment very beneficial for problems with his back and legs. His symptoms have improved greatly.

Liz Blunt

Chris Fowler recommenedation for neck pain treatment

I first saw Katie due to pain in my neck. I had never seen a chiropractor/physiotherapist before so did not know what to expect but since starting treatment I quickly noticed improvements and the pain started to ease. After a few sessions I was back to normal but attend a 3 monthly session to stop the pain returning. Katie is a complete professional who always explains what she is doing and has earnt my trust as initially I found it hard to relax when being treated. I would absolutely recommend treatment..

Chris Fowler

Alison Francis, Upper Back Pain Treatment

I came in due to pain in my upper back and neck. I was initially worried it may hurt to have treatment especially as I was already in so much pain but after the initial treatment no hesitations at all. I have much more range of motion and because of regular visits any aches or pains are sorted out quickly so they don’t develop into major problems.

Alison Francis

Kevin Mack recommendation for jersey CI chriopractor

…The pain, stiffness and numbness have all gone and mobility is almost back to normal. With continued exercises and management the improvement is considerable. I specifically liked the feeling that everything is achievable and manageable, therefore knowing that continual improvement was going to be the case.

Kevin Mack

Lee Walker

I had chronic back pain and I heard that Steffen was the best person to see locally. I now have no more pain in bed at night or whilst driving. Unlike previous treatments Steffen never manipulated my back aggressively and I walked out of the clinic always in better condition. I would definitely recommend Steffen without hesitation.

Lee Walker

I had back and neck pain causing stiffness headaches and sleepless nights. After treatment the pain stiffness and headaches have reduced significantly. My everyday life has become much more comfortable (work and exercise). I also sleep better which has improved my mood and my energy levels. It took a year for my last chiropractor to achieve what was achieved in only weeks with your treatment. I’m very grateful for the treatment I have received.

Jo Bradshaw

When I started I had nerve pain in my back and down my leg. I was initially concerned that the treatment might not help but now, most of the time, I’m pain free. I’m pleasantly surprised how holistic the treatment is and how all aspects of my posture have been investigated and improved.
I really feel the treatment has improved my quality of life as I can now engage fully in the sporting activities that caused me pain. I’ll definitely keep up with treatment in the future!

Sam Trundle

It was very helpful. The staff were all very friendly and supportive.

Muneeraj S, Jersey

I had pain in my knee and my trainer recommended I tried this treatment. I didn’t think it would work but after the course of care my pain completely went and I feel much better. It also dealt with some long term issues that I wasn’t really aware of until I started. It has completely changed my view and I look forward to my check-ups. Steffen achieved what my doctor couldn’t – everyone should keep an open mind and try it.

Sharon Butler

I had suffered long standing back and neck pain. Now my back pain is almost gone and the neck has improved a lot. I particularly liked the friendly nature and hands on method. I would recommend treatment without a doubt to anyone in need as it has helped me a great deal. Do not wait seek assistance it’s worth it!

Michael Burford

I came to the clinic due to hyper-mobility, weakness and pain in shoulders and neck. I’d only just moved back to the area and had had a Chiropractor for years but my progress had come to a standstill, so was worried about starting with a new chiropractor again. But now I don’t wake up in pain anymore. I’ve just started competitively swimming again, I can do exercise without waking up in pain or with stiff joints the next day, I sleep better and my core stability is improving day by day, which in turn has improved my posture.

Steffen combines a mixture of both traditional chiropractic adjustments, dry needling and take home exercises where necessary, which really works with my condition. Hyper-mobility means I have a lot of upkeep to ensure my joints are stable and this combined treatment really helps.

I’d definitely recommend treatment, Steffen has massively improved my condition and my progression has been vast. He is really good at identifying what works best around my existing injuries, joint issues and lifestyle. The improvement in my physical strength and general well-being has been massive and this is all thanks to his wealth of knowledge and experience within the field.

Lucy Carrol

Absolutely fantastic experience. Steffen knows exactly what he is doing and seems to know every single area where I hurt. He is very thorough with his assessment and I finally feel like I may have a decent future with the pain relief. I also have to say that Nick does the most amazing deep tissue massage, I never really knew my back and neck were so tight. Best decision I ever made was to come to this practice.

Keely H, Jersey

I had had a stiff neck and shoulders from being hunched over a computer screen all day. This was keeping me awake at night. After treatment the stiffness and pain has gone and I can now sleep.
The consultation and testing is thorough and the treatment is relaxed and done with confidence.

Matthew Chambers

Steffen is very professional, friendly and good at his job, I would definitely recommend.

Karen Hales

I suffered shoulder/ back pain that was a regular feature of sitting for any length of time. After treatment the pain is drastically reduced. My posture has improved considerably and it has had a marked improvement on my overall well-being.

Steve Potter

I am amazed at how effective treatment has been, and I no longer have the pains that I have lived with for many years. I was initially very concerned about the dry needling treatment however the Chiropractor was very understanding, didn’t seem to rush, and explained everything clearly which put me at ease very early on. Dynamic Health were very accommodating in terms of times for my appointments, and the receptionist always found appointment times that suited me. I would recommend Dynamic Health to anyone with pain issues.

Felicina M, Jersey

When I started I had back and shoulder pain. Now I have much more ease of movement, a better understanding of posture, and exercises to improve how I hold myself. I feel much better 🙂

Angela Cullen

I had pain following a difficult pregnancy and birth. After treatment I have regained the strength in my back and I am now able to function properly and still carry my children. My problem was articulated clearly and I was given advice on strengthening exercises to support treatment. My son was also treated by Katie and everything was explained to him so he was comfortable and at ease with the work that was carried out. A very professional and personable service. I would absolutely recommend.

Nicola Budd

Working with Steffen helped me overcome an acute prolapsed disc. My symptoms were lower back pain and numbness/tingling down my legs. Steffen provided a rounded consultation coupling lifestyle changes and exercise with treatments. I would absolutely recommend treatment to anyone that has back problems. Chiropractic treatment stopped me from having surgery which I am very pleased about.

Aimi Bodiam

Suzanne is very friendly and I always feel very relaxed after my massage session with her.

Devina M, Jersey

I had been suffering long term back pain. Now I can definitely can stand up a lot straighter, I have more strength and less stiffness. I particularly enjoyed the acupuncture. Katie was friendly and welcoming and really succeeded in getting to the root of the pain. I would definitely recommend.

Lindsey Sweet

I came to the clinic in great pain which Katie located and treated very successfully. I returned for a follow up and was treated for additional back pain. The results were extremely good and I now have no pain all thanks to Katie’s magic hands!

Colin Tophill

Katie works wonders on my back. Always very friendly and effective at getting rid of any lower back pain. I felt nervous about coming the first time but she put me totally at ease and has been brilliant ever since.

John Southwell

Excellent experience. Great environment. Friendly, helpful and efficient receptionist. Steffen has 100% helped with my pain – now gone. His follow up exercise will hopefully prevent the pain recurring in the future. I’ve gone from extreme trepidation about chiropractors to total trust. Would definitely recommend.

Kim C, Jersey

Katie explains things very clearly and gives good advice.

Debbie Lee

I always feel in very safe hands and benefit enormously from treatments.


I originally had neck and shoulder pain and headaches and also a badly sprained foot. At first I didn’t know if chiropractic treatment would work for me but now I no longer live with pain every day. Regular maintenance is great and keeps my neck, shoulders and back more mobile and pain free. Katie gives advice for strategies to help stop things tightening up. I find the release and movement in the neck and upper/mid back after manipulation makes life’s stresses more manageable. I tell everyone about my experience of chiropractic treatment and recommend it for anything and everything!

My children, aged 12 and 15, also have regular maintenance appointments as well as after the occasional sports injury. My 15 year old lives with stiffness in her upper back and neck and looks forward to the release. My 12 year old get pains and twinges associated with growing and his love of sports and soon gets sorted out. Katie gives them time and makes them feel comfortable and confident with the treatment they receive.

Jenny De Quervain

I saw Katie due to ongoing back pain. I now have better mobility and less frequent pain. A highlight of the treatment was Katie’s bedside manner.

Rob Doherty

I had back pain and Stiffness due to cycling. Since having regular visits, the pain has gone and my body is less stressed. I would highly recommend Katie. Katie is a knowledgeable and committed Chiropractor, who improved my posture and suppressed the pain I was encountering while riding my bike for long hours.

Greg Barber

Totally professional, made totally at ease, full trust in treatment recommended, on time and informative, thanks again back in action.

Michael T, Jersey

I had pain in my lower back. I wasn’t convinced the treatment was going to work as I had tried other treatments which hadn’t made a significant difference.Now, not only am I pain free for a lot longer between treatments but I no longer experience referred pain in my neck and shoulders. The stiffness I regularly experienced in my hips has improved considerably and I can now sleep without being woken by lower back pain and stiffness. My passion for running has returned and I am able to do it safely and avoid further injury following my treatment.

I would definitely recommend treatment to a friend and in fact have! The fact I can run again and am experiencing much better sleep is a significant reason for recommendation. I had so much confidence in Katie, I really felt like she knew my body and how it would respond to treatment.

Morag Daws

I started with lower back pain from an existing injury but after treatment I now have improved mobility and strength. I particularly enjoyed the releases for neck and shoulders as I hold a lot of tension there as well as my lower back. Katie is a warm and friendly person, she puts you at ease and always talks you through the adjustments throughout the treatment. I would definitely recommend.

Anna Edwards

I have suffered on-going problems with my back but Steffen always seems to be able to sort out any painful problems I have. I like the fact that Steffen explains everything he is doing and is very caring.
I have had treatment from a few chiropractors over the years and Steffen has done more for my problems than anyone else. I can’t speak too highly of him.

Corina Hastings

I had long term back pain and severe headaches but after seeing Steffen my headaches were cured almost completely! After a treatment I always have more movement in my back and my muscles are a lot more relaxed. I feel a lot more in tune with my body and stronger as a result. I also feel I have a lot more understanding into why I get pain and how to avoid headaches and back pain in the future. I would definitely recommend treatment. Steffen has been a great help, I’m really grateful.

Abbie Bacchus

After treatment I have had far less repetitive pain in my neck and shoulders, less migraines, less tension and feel much more relaxed. I never thought I would go to a Chiropractor but I am so glad I did.

Sarah Carroll

Very Impressed with the way I was greeted at reception and treated by Steffen. Explanations always given at each stage of treatment allaying any fears I might have to various procedures. Fantastic results in lessening pain and improving mobility. Thank you.

Barbara C, Jersey

Steffen was recommended by one of my neighbours after I had pain in my back when trying to start the lawn mower. After treatment I feel a lot more flexible and I maintain this with regular visits.

Michael Martel

I suffered from backache-predominantly through the shoulder/neck region. Treatment improved my shoulder/neck muscle tension which has reduced the discomfort with the added bonus of eliminating my lower back pain. I particularly liked the holistic approach that considered lifestyle including exercise regime, dietary information and self-help exercises. Steffen was extremely knowledgeable regarding these areas, always willing to listen and make helpful suggestions. I would absolutely recommend without hesitation.

Denise Salter

I had pain in my lower back brought about by sporting injury. I had received physio treatment but it had not improved so I was recommended that I try chiropractic. I was a little worried about having my back and neck manipulated and also a little sceptical as to whether this would work as the problem had been present on and off for a number of years. But now the original issue has completely gone. I have had other issues along the way brought about by sporting injuries and also being a sedentary worker. However, these have also been alleviated. I have been able to play golf and cricket for 2 years now with no issues. I would absolutely recommend treatment – It has cured issues other treatments had failed to do so. It has also put my body in a far better place and I would encourage anyone to try chiropractic treatment even if they don’t feel any specific pain.

Thomas Shaw

I first attended the clinic as I was recovering from a prolapsed disc in back was not allowing as much movement in my back as I would have liked. The treatment has been exceptional. My back has much more flexibility and causes little to no pain. I have found regular sessions are better than waiting for problems to occur. Steffen is exceptional as a chiropractor I would certainly recommend.

Simon Bennett

My experience with Dynamic Health has been fantastic right from the start; with the user friendly website and booking system (particularly fantastic for individuals with high anxiety/nerves) to the expert, individual and knowledgeable advice and treatment from Steffen and the valuable communication, assistance and endless warm welcome from Katie…they really are a “Dynamic Duo” and 100% recommend to all.

Leanne M, Jersey

I first attended due to lower back pain and stiffness. I now have more mobility and little pain or stiffness. I like the fact the treatments are progressive and change to my needs and also that I receive very helpful exercise plans to help maintain flexibility. I would certainly recommend Steffen because he listens and gives relevant treatments to my needs – he never just gives repetitive treatments as I have had in the past with other Chiropractors. I have had many chiropractors, physio’s and osteopaths over the years some very good and some pretty poor. However I would say without any reservations that Steffen has been the best by far.

Doug Bonnici

I had been living with long standing pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders for years. Treatment from the GP or physio didn’t help. Then I had a bad muscle spasm in my back which prompted me to go the clinic to see if they could do anything to help me. I was basically at my wits end. I was concerned that treatment would hurt, scared of having my neck “cracked” and I was also worried it wouldn’t work as painkillers were not relieving my pain. But now I’m no longer in pain every single day.

Going to the clinic has literally improved my quality of life. I’m more physically active than I was before treatment and don’t feel so fed up all the time. I also sleep better than I used to. I especially liked the sense of my body being put into the correct alignment through gentle manipulation and also the advice I have been given about exercises I can do to reduce/prevent stiffness and pain.

I would recommend treatment to a friend and to anyone who is experiencing pain or discomfort. It provides immediate relief but also addresses the longer term issues which improves your quality of life. Don’t be scared, the treatment provided at the clinic can help you get on with living your life without your back making you miserable. It’s incredible.

Becky Brogan

I had had neck and shoulder pain. I was initially nervous about being manipulated but Steffen’s patience and manner quickly made me relaxed and confident in his treatment. From early on I experienced much better flexibility in the neck and shoulders and I am starting to see a considerable reduction in pain with improved posture at work. I would certainly recommend – I am convinced that Steffen’s treatment has made a significant contribution to my well-being. Also during my initial examination Steffen noticed a mole on my upper arm and advised me to see my doctor. By the time of my next visit I had done nothing so he patiently reminded me. A few weeks later I had a skin cancer removed. I shall always be indebted to Steffen for his excellent advice and persistence.

David Skellern

Steffen has treated both my children aged 4 and 7. My 7 old year had left-sided torticollis and positional plagiocephaly (flat head) as a baby and we wanted to have him checked out for any residual issues. Steffen identified a slight upper curvature of the spine which with treatment has now been addressed. Steffen very quickly built up an excellent rapport with my children & quickly gained their trust. He is able to explain things to them at their level and makes them very relaxed in his presence. He is also very supportive around ongoing exercises for preventative/sustainability purposes.

Claire Stevinson

I had a recommendation to see Steffen from a work colleague for pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back. I was in so much pain I didn’t know what to do with my neck and shoulders and I used to have sacral joint injections every 6 months to a year due to the pain in my low back. I was hesitant at first due to the cost and whether it would help me as some of the conventional medical establishment is not always very encouraging about chiropractic medicine. However, since treatment I have not needed another sacroiliac joint injection for almost 3 years and I have tremendously reduced pain and increased comfort in my left shoulder. My back and neck are so much better and I am able to sleep and move better.

Claire Cooper

Very impressed, found out what my problem was and feel a lot better already.

Kate H

Amazing! After Steffen had a look at me and sorted me out he also gave me exercise to do at home. Well worth it.

Daniel A, Jersey

I have been very happy with my treatment and will gladly recommend Dynamic Health to Friends.

Rosemary P

Very professional and always felt welcomed.

Michelle P

It was the first time I had been to a chiropractor, so I was a little unsure what to expect. But when I met the team, I could hardly move with my back and after only a few sessions the tightness eased and I am now a regular client to build and strengthen my back.

Carol L, Jersey

I had a very positive experience. All my appointments were on time and Steffen was very professional and knowledgeable. Even after the first appointment I felt an improvement in my knee. Steffen remained focus on the presenting problem and gave me exercises to help me strengthen my knee. I would most definitely come and see Steffen again if I needed to.

Andrea D, Jersey

A great friendly, professional service. 5 stars guys.

Brent M, Jersey

Great to find someone who not only helped with the pain but also found the route cause & has a planned to fix it. Highly recommend.

Linda N

Got an appointment as soon as I needed it, felt like I was listened to and within two visits my pain had gone. Very happy with the service I received.

Emma R, Jersey

A very friendly & professional multi-disciplined practice keen to help with your overall health & well-being. On-line booking option for out of hours, or receptionist during opening hours. On-site parking & efficient time keeping, so no lengthy waiting for your appointments. I have suffered with back pain over many years, trying many different approaches to keep pain free and although I have only seen Steffen a few times I think his approach has been a ‘light bulb’ moment & I would highly recommend you pop in and see for yourself.

Lisa Casey

Always incredibly professional, warm and caring. Everyone goes out of their way to help and to squeeze an appointment in for you in an emergency. The clinic itself is so fresh and spotless, it really has breathed new life into the building. I feel very lucky to have the care and expertise of all of the professionals at Dynamic Health available to me. Thank you for giving me back movement and a life without excruciating pain!

Gemma R, Jersey

Katie has been very professional at all times and makes you feel relaxed which is quite an achievement when you’re in a lot of pain, I would strongly recommend Dynamic’s services.

Juliette B

Excellent practice well worth a visit. Professional, attentive, on-site parking and an excellent addition to the health support offered in Jersey.

Julie R, Jersey

Life changing.

Julie R

I have been suffering with elbow and forearm pain for a number of years now and It was beginning to effect my work and training. I had previously tried other forms of therapy but nothing had worked for me. After the first few sessions with Steffen I could notice a difference and the pain was significantly less. I am now able to go about my daily routine with relatively no pain. I would definitely recommend visiting Steffen if you are suffering with pain.

Mark T, Jersey

What can I say: everything was perfect and perfectly and professionally handled. The advice and treatment was spot on and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Dynamic Health.

Adrain G

My treatment from Katie is wonderful and has made a big difference to the pain in my neck. I would highly recommend Dynamic Health to anyone with chiropractic problems.

Judie G

I have been twice following a muscle problem in my back. I can say that not only has the work done has left me feeling fine again, but I was also educated on what may have been the problem and how to avoid it in the future. They are hugely knowledgeable, and using their models of spines, they explained what was happening and what they were going to do. They made me comfortable and feeling safe in their hands.

Charlie G

First class treatment and friendly service every time.

John T

Katie treated both me throughout my pregnancy, and then my baby when she was born – both with amazing results. She is an expert in her field and really lovely with it. The facility is great with parking on site which is really convenient. I cannot recommend Katie at Dynamic Health highly enough.

Zara R

Steffen Toates is amazingly thorough and is genuinely interested in my back pain. His treatment so far has been more effective than all those years of seeing physiotherapists, osteopaths and other chiropractors and numerous trips to the pain clinic and lots of pills from my Dr. I have also had the opportunity to start a superb Pilates class at Dynamic Health which is already starting to be beneficial. Thanks – I feel like I am emerging out the other side.

Heidi T

I have sports therapy massage with Nick Hooper for an old whiplash injury, without it I would more often be in discomfort & wouldn’t be able to function as normally with my neck/shoulders on a day to day basis, it also reduces the related headaches I get.

Becky W

I have been visiting Steffen down at Dynamic Health, I could barely walk a few months ago with my hip problem, the pain has gone and I am walking again (no ibuprofen anymore everyday) I think I will run again, I wish I had gone years ago, it really works.

Nikki G

Dynamic Heath were brilliant, very professional and quick to help and solve my back problems. They set a plan for you so you know how long your treatment will get. VERY WELL DONE and would be very happy to commend you to my friends.

Dilly P

I have been visiting Dynamic Health for a year now and thanks to Katie and Nick I have less migraine headaches 🙂 Thank you!

Indra R

Amazing chiropractors. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Tom W

Dynamic Health is professional, friendly and welcoming. I was very pleased with my treatment and would highly recommend.

Anya C

…I have carried a series of back issues for over 10 years which a number of chiropractors, doctors and masseuses have been unable to relieve, leaving me with no option but to learn to live with the discomfort. Sometime last year Dynamic Health was recommended to me, I promptly made an appointment with Jess Bull and have been seeing her every few months or so since.
Remarkably, in this relatively short period of time, Jess has been able to alleviate just about all of my issues which, as a daily resistance trainer and keen sportsman, has improved my day-to-day life in so many different ways.
Beyond Jess’ abilities as a professional, I find her to always be friendly, happy and positive, is always informative when answering my questions and provides useful additional guidance where needed.
I feel Jess is a credit to Dynamic Health, I have and will continue to recommend both Jess and Dynamic Health and have absolutely no hesitation in doing so.

JC, Jersey CI

Since meeting Gillian I’ve improved so much. I’ve stopped drinking fizzy drinks, cut out caffeine completely, no longer use sweeteners and have bran flakes instead of porridge.
My urgency to pass urine which resulted in my bowel opening is almost a distant memory. I can go into town and shop all morning without suddenly and desperately needing the toilet! Fantastic news. I do my pelvic floor exercises regularly too! Thank you so much for your time, help and kindness.

Jacqueline, Jersey CI

Steffen is always engaged, attentive, and on the mark. Not vague, pushy, or rushed, his hands-on approach encourages me to do the exercises and make progress until we’re both satisfied we’ve resolved the issue. Nothing is too small to bring to his attention and he is always pleasant and involved. Highly recommend him.

HL, Jersey CI

Thank you Gillian for all your help post birth – you really made my recovery easier and I’m so grateful for all your help and guidance. I’ve applied for the London Marathon ballot!

Eloise, Jersey CI

I visited the clinic following a 5-year history of neck and shoulder pain. I had already tried pain relief, physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, and a previous chiropractor. My pain was moderate and persistent in nature, all of the time, and was only just manageable with regular pain relief and stretches.
After seeing Steffen for just two sessions, I no longer have any pain at rest. The treatment has been truly remarkable, I have managed to stop taking my pain killers altogether, and pain no longer affects my sleep.
I cannot recommend the clinic, and Steffen, enough. My treatment has been truly transformative.

Michael Squires, Jersey CI

Dynamic Health has been a game-changer for me. Their team of skilled professionals (Katie & Emily) truly care about their patients’ well-being. When I first visited due to neck & back pain, they not only addressed my symptoms but also helped me understand the underlying issues. The personalised treatment plan, which included chiropractic adjustments and tailored exercises, made a significant difference. Highly recommended!

Prashen Pillay, Jersey CI

I have been suffering with sciatic pain due to lumber herniated disks and spinal stenosis for four or five years which at times was crippling and extremely painful. I have seen chiroprators in the past but none have ever provided long term pain relief. I found out about Dynamic Health and Steffen from an internet search and one of the main reasons for choosing him was the fact he had experience with significan back pain himself. I have had various sessions and always leave feeling much better and in less pain. I have also been practicing home stretching under the advice of Steffen which has been significantly helpful along with supplement advice which has also been significantly beneficial. If you are in pain and needing help I would highly recommend Steffen and his team

Jason Michael Aubert, Jersey CI