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Babies and Children

Chiropractic for Babies and Children

Just as in adults, babies can be affected by problems with their muscles, joints or nerves.

These problems may present as existing signs or symptoms such as:  

  • Asymmetry (holding the head or trunk to one side),
  • Positional plagiocephaly (flattening of a portion of the skull).
  • Lack of age appropriate gross motor skills such as inability to
    • Turn or lift the head fully
    • Roll
    • Sit independently
    • Crawl in a cross pattern
    • Excessive crying

Or, these problems may hinder proper development, affecting muscle co-ordination and skeletal shape and predisposing to injury in the future. Learn more about the Development Process »

Our thorough assessment techniques assess the function of your baby’s developing muscles, nerves and joints along with the timing and quality of their neurodevelopment. Learn more about Timing vs. Quality »

Our treatment is always gentle and safe and in addition we provide advice on strategies to help your baby at home.


Steffen has treated both my children aged 4 and 7. My 7 old year had left-sided torticollis and positional plagiocephaly (flat head) as a baby and we wanted to have him checked out for any residual issues. Steffen identified a slight upper curvature of the spine which with treatment has now been addressed. Steffen very quickly built up an excellent rapport with my children & quickly gained their trust. He is able to explain things to them at their level and makes them very relaxed in his presence. He is also very supportive around ongoing exercises for preventative/sustainability purposes

Claire Stevinson






Healthy Shoe Checklist

Free eBook

Healthy Shoe Checklist

Shoe selection is an important but often overlooked factor in child development. Inappropriate shoe selection can negatively impact foot structure and function and, potentially, lead to foot (or other muscle and joint) problems in the future. This easy to follow 5-point checklist will help you pick the perfect shoe for your child.




Baby Positioning Cover

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Baby Positioning Checklist

The first few years of life are critical for many reasons but especially for postural development and the long term health of your baby’s muscles, joints and skeletal system. Learn the dos and don’ts of positioning your baby with this simple checklist to get your little one off to the best possible start.