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Postural Exercises.

The Workstation Solution eBook


  • The problem with sitting & what you can do to reduce your risk.
  • Sit-stand desks: pros, cons, recommendations and alternatives.
  • How to safely transition to a sit-stand desk.
  • How to develop the strength & flexibility to work standing.
  • Back-friendly chair set-up & sitting alternatives.
  • Ergonomic tips for neck, shoulder and arm pain.


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Matt Jaggard, Testimonial for Chiropractic Treatment in Channel Islands

Great ebook – clear, easy to read and filled with useful information. Having previously suffered with low back pain I often found working for long hours in front of the computer uncomfortable. However, after following some of the recommendations and exercises in the ebook I feel considerably better. I think this ebook would be an excellent read for anyone who spends time working at a desk or computer.

Matt Jaggard, Elite Corporate Performance