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Innotech PropAir Sleeper

PropAir – Increasing back comfort in bed

The PropAir is a back support specially designed for use with sleeping and has been proven in scientific laboratory studies to effectively reduce spine stresses and relieve low back pain when laying.


  • Effective Low Back Pain Relief – The PropAir Sleeper effectively maintains spine alignment whilst laying, helping to eliminate back pain at night and wind down daytime back sensitivity.
  • Proven to prevent cumulative back stress.
  • 95% success rate.
  • Improve sleeping comfort – sleep more soundly and breathe easier.


  • Easy to use and one size fits all – the optimal level of support can be tuned to any mattress, or spine shape, using the hand activated air pump.
  • Velour inner material for maximum comfort and resistant to fungus, bacteria and odour.
  • Satin outer side allows for easy sliding and turning.
  • Open cell internal foam allows for breathability. 
  • Scientifically proven – “95% of study participants preferred the PropAirSleeper because it improved their comfort. Our measurements proved the PropAirSleeper reduced joint stresses and the conditions that lead to pain” Prof Stuart McGill

The Science

Lying on the back causes the low back to flatten to the mattress causing spine flexion. Many people have flexion-triggered pain making back sleeping painful. Not only does this cause pain at night but this will increase your sensitivity to more pain during the day.

The PropAir Sleeper effectively prevents lumbar flexion, helping eliminating pain at night AND wind down your daytime pain sensitivity. Research has shown the PropAir Sleeper effectively reduces disc stress while sleeping and led to improved comfort in 95% of participants. 

Will the PropAir Sleeper Help Me?

To find out whether the PropAir may help you, take this simple test:

  1. Lay down on your back and note your level of discomfort.
  2. Next, whilst still laying down, place your hands palms-down under your low back.
  3. If comfort is increased, then the support provided by the PropAir Sleeper will enhance your sleeping comfort.

Others will find relief while side lying by placing the PropAir Sleeper between the ribcage and hip to avoid painful side bending.

Note:  Some type of back pain (e.g. stenosis or spondylolisthesis) may not be helped with the PropAir Sleeper.

Need Advice?

If you would like more advice on lumbar supports, or other related products, we are happy to help. Simply book a free, no obligation, initial consultation with Steffen Toates (Chiropractor) and he can answer any questions you may have and give you more specific advice and recommendations.


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