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EmbraceAir Lumbar Support

The EmbraceAir premium lumbar support was designed with the help of Chiropractors and Physiotherapists and has been proven effective at relieving and preventing back pain in both clinical experience and scientific laboratory studies.

Why choose the EmbraceAir PLus

The primary advantage of the Embrace Air Plus over other back supports is it’s ‘Adjustable Internal Air System’ which lets you precisely determine the firmness of the support and its exact position. This patented deisgn allows you to:

  1. Tailor the perfect, individualised lumbar support for your back to achieve a relieving posture.
  2. Make frequent changes in posture, reducing stress on the spine and helping to relieve pain.


  • Back Pain Relief
  • Back Pain Prevention
  • Decreased muscle fatigue and stiffness
  • Increased blood circulation to facilitate healing
  • Improved sitting comfort
  • Perfect for all individuals who spend a lot of time sitting


  • Easy to use – easily change the firmness with the push button valve and easy squeeze bulb.
  • Made with exclusive fabric that is immune to bacteria, fungus and body odour.
  • Guaranteed for one year against defects in materials and workmanship. The valves are guaranteed for life. The foam is engineered to last 15 years.
  • Ideal for those with shorter thighs to achieve more comfort and support.
  • The support is strategically adjusted within the frame to fit all body types.

The Science

The human spine naturally forms an S-shape, with the spine curving forwards at the lower back, outwards at the middle back and forwards again at the neck.

When we sit most of us have a tendency to slump, which reverses the natural curve of the lower back. In this slumped position the muscles at the bottom of the back are stretched and more pressure is placed on the spinal ligaments and discs which is one reason why sitting is a common factor in many low back complaints. Slumped sitting also changes the posture of the neck and shoulders and can cause or exacerbate neck and shoulder pains.  

Reducing the stress on the back associated with sitting not only makes sitting more comfortable but also helps to build more capacity for pain-free movement throughout the day. To effectively reduce the stress on the back when sitting we need to:

  1. Support the natural curve of the low back.
  2. Make sitting a dynamic activity with frequent posture changes.

The EmbraceAir’sAdjustable Internal Air System’ allows you to tailor the perfect, individualised lumbar support for your spine curve and the inflation/deflation pump allows for easy pressure changes to help create regular changes posture throughout the day.

Static back rests, although still beneficial, simply cannot provide these additional advantages.

The Embrace Air Plus is recommended by world-renowned spine expert Professor Stuart M. McGill.


Suitable for use in most chairs and seating including; car seats, office chairs and kitchen chairs.

How to use

The EmbraceAir Plus Uses an internal air support chamber. You adjust the amount of support to fit your changing needs. By using the straps, you can raise or lower the support to find your unique, perfect fit.

  1. Target your Lumbar spine by raising (top strap) or lowering (bottom strap) the internal air cushion;
  2. Adjust the firmness/softness by squeezing the bulb or pressing the push button valve.
  3. Adjust air intermittently to promote back health.

Need Advice?

If you would like more advice on lumbar supports, or other related products, we are happy to help. Simply book a free, no obligation, initial consultation with Steffen Toates (Chiropractor) and he can answer any questions you may have and give you more specific advice and recommendations.


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