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Lumbar Supports

We have carefully selected a range of the very best lumbar supports to suit everyone’s needs. Click on the individual supports to learn more.

66 Fit Lumbar Roll / D-Roll

Affordable lumbar roll providing postural support when sitting to help alleviate lower back and neck pain.

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Innotech LumbAir Plus

Premium portable, adjustable and dynamic back support.

Proven in scientific laboratory studies to prevent cumulative stress and relieve low back pain by correctly supporting the lumabr spine.

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Innotech EmbraceAir Plus

Premium dynamic and adjustable back support.

The EmbraceAirPLus was designed with the help of Chiropractors and Physiotherapists has been proven effective at relieving and preventing back pain in both clinical experience and scientific laboratory studies.

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Need Advice?

If you would like more advice on lumbar supports, or other related products, we are happy to help. Simply book a free, no obligation, initial consultation with Steffen Toates (Chiropractor) and he can answer any questions you may have and give you more specific advice and recommendations.