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Balance Cushion


  • Reduces pain and stiffness when sitting – When placed on a chair seat the balance cushion creates a degree of instability that encourages a more ‘active’ but comfortable sitting environment.  This helps to offset the negative effects of sitting including a reduction in pain and stiffness.
  • The balance cushion can be used together with a lumbar support helping to create a well-aligned, supported and active sitting posture.
  • The balance cushion can also be placed on the floor to help reduce fatigue and increase comfort when using a sit stand desk or as a training aid to improve balance and coordination.
  • Ankle rehabilitation – The balance disc is particularly useful in the rehabilitation of ankle sprains.


  • It features two textured sides, one virtually smooth for standing and the other with small dimples which are comfortable yet effective for sitting.
  • 35cm in diameter
  • Easy to inflate and comes with a pump included.
  • Its portable design makes it ideal for use at home, office or gym.
  • Wipes clean.
  • Includes free downloadable balance training ebook with exercise videos available.


  • £22.00

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