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CBD Massage at Dynamic Health Jersey

CBD Massage at Dynamic Health Jersey

CBD massage combines sports or deep tissue massage with high-strength broad-spectrum CBD oil.  CBD can be absorbed through the skin and thereby enhance the beneficial effects of traditional massage as well as providing additional benefits specific to CBD.  

What is CBD?

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a plant compound found mainly in the flowers and leaves of hemp.

What are the benefits?

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can aid in the management of inflammatory-related muscle and joint conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain (Hammell, 2016). 

CBD is also often used for the management of anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders.

How does CBD and CBD massage work?

Our bodies have an internal network of receptors, called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which regulates internal states including mood, immune responses, inflammation and pain. Many of CBD’s effects on the human body are thought to be related to its interactions with this Endocannabinoid System (ECS).   

Will CBD get me high?

No. Hemp is a member of the cannabis sativa family and high in CBD but low in THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychotropic element in street cannabis. During the extraction process, any minute amounts of THC are removed to non-detectable levels.

Is CBD safe?

The World Health Organization has identified pure CBD as safe (Fitzcharles et al, 2020).  CBD has an
excellent safety profile and is well tolerated at high doses in healthy persons and in childhood
epilepsy (Devinsky, 2017).

However, there are some groups for which CBD should not be used (see ‘Who shouldn’t have CBD massage’ below).  

Who would benefit from CBD massage?  

Patients with inflammatory-related muscle & joint conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathic (nerve) pain and chronic pain are likely to gain most benefit from CBD massage.

Who shouldn’t have CBD massage

The potential health effects of using CBD products during pregnancy are currently unknown and we therefore do not recommend CBD massage for pregnant and breast-feeding women

For similar reasons we do not recommend CBD massage for children.

If you are taking prescribed medication, you should not have CBD massage without first consulting your doctor. This is because CBD can inhibit the breakdown of certain drugs, potentially leading to unsafe levels in the body. This includes some statins (used to control cholesterol) and blood pressure medicines.

CBD massage at Dynamic Health

What CBD Oil do we use?

We use high strength broad spectrum Jersey Hemp CBD.   

Why do we use Jersey Hemp CBD?

  • Jersey Hemp CBD oil is formulated with organic hemp seed oil. The addition of hemp seed oil aids CBD’s absorption efficiency through the skin (Junaid et al 2022).
  • Jersey Hemp uses an industry gold stand extraction technique meaning the complete range of beneficial plant chemicals are extracted.
  • Each batch of Jersey Hemp CBD oil is third-party lab tested by an independent laboratory to verify the CBD content and rule out any contaminants. The third-party laboratory test results are published for each batch of CBD oil on their website.
  • Jersey Hemp CBD is cultivated and extracted from organically grown hemp plants.
  • Jersey Hemp CBD products are good by nature, gluten-free, vegan, chemical-free and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

We have also consulted with the team at Jersey Hemp to ensure the optimal dosing and absorption strategies to maximise therapeutic effect.


Each massage provides 250mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil, which based on current research on transdermal dosage and bioavailability, appears optimal.


Hemp oil which is present in Jersey Hemp CBD aids in the absorption CBD through the skin. CBD massage further enhances CBD absorption with the addition of eucalyptus oil.  Eucalyptus oil contains the terpene 1,8 cineole which is known to enhance the absorption of compounds such as CBD (Hongratanaworakit et al 2018).

How to Book

CBD massage is offered as a supplementary add on to deep tissue massage with Jess Bull. If you would like to try CBD massage simply let Jess know at your next massage appointment and this can be added to your treatment session.


  • £10 Add-on to the standard massage cost


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I first attended due to pain in my lower back that I had had for over a year. It was my last resource, as I had tried a lot of things before but it was definitely the best thing for me. I felt listened to and taken seriously and I’m now more or less pain free. I can now do all the things I like again, like dancing and walking. That’s just great!

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