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Wall Push up Test

Wall Push up Test

How well do your shoulders move? Take the wall push up test to find out.

What is shoulder blade winging?

Winging occurs when we lose proper stabilisation of the shoulder blade on the chest wall and it flaps out (like a wing!)

What does it mean?

Shoulder blade winging is a typical sign of muscle imbalance or weakness of the shoulder and is a common underlying problem in both shoulder & neck complaints. If the shoulder blade is not being stabilized correctly, the shoulder and/or neck can then become overloaded leading to pain and injury,

How to perform the wall push up test

  1. Stand facing a wall, about arm’s length away, with someone behind you to watch your shoulders.
  2. Place your hands on the wall about shoulder width apart.
  3. Perform 2-3 press ups into the wall.

Did your shoulders blade stay nicely wrapped around your ribcage (left shoulder in the image)? Or did they flap about in the wind i.e. shoulder blade winging (right shoulder in the image)?

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